Monday, September 23, 2019

Victoria Beckham Beauty: Tweed + Mink Swatches and Review

I was very excited to hear that Victoria Beckham would be coming out with her own beauty line when the new broke a month or so back. I was a die hard Spice Girls fan growing up in the 90s and I've loved Victoria's style evolution since the band went their separate ways. Her clothing brand has been doing quite well since its development and I figured her beauty line would perform similarly and wanted to test this theory out so I purchased two pieces from the original collection: an eyeshadow compact in Tweed and a lid lustre in Mink.

Overall thoughts:
The brand is definitely aiming towards becoming a luxury makeup line along the lines of YSL or Tom Ford. The products are enclosed in luxury packaging with a tortoise shell motive that recalls Tom Ford packaging and old Hollywood glamour. The pieces all come shipped inside a little dustbag as well with an enclosed note from Victoria. The note even has little bits of ink smudges making the reader believe that she handwrote the note herself (in reality, she clearly didn't). The products are quite pricey as well with the eyeshadow compacts retailing for $54 USD and the lid lustre retailing for $36 USD. I'm sure Victoria plans to expand her line as well to include skincare items and lipsticks as the website currently has tabs for both.

The lid lustre in Mink (pictured above) swatches quite nicely. The picture shows one single swipe of shadow. When swatched, Mink looks almost duochrome with blue/brown flecks and is quite a unique color that isn't found on the market. I find that the shadow itself is quite glittery and is more suited for the holiday season or a really upscale event. In my opinion, this is a bit over the top for your average evening smokey eye and is most definitely out of the question for work.

Next we have the eyeshadow compact in Tweed which I will review giving consideration to both the packaging and the shadow quality. 

The color scheme is very fall appropriate and this particular color combo is sold out on the website when I last checked. The compact itself is the size of a credit card, making it very travel/purse friendly.  I am a bit disappointed in how the colors are fused together in the pan and that each color didn't receive it's own pan. This isn't a problem currently, but if I were to finish this shadow quad, I can see the colors starting to blend and mesh into each other as I hit pan rendering the product useless. With the price and the "clean beauty" claim, it seems wasteful to be unable to use all of the product to the last bit.

Shadow Quality:
The two brown colors swatched quite nicely and are very easy to work with on the lids. The purple was very hard to swatch (the above picture took about two to three swipes to build the color and was still quite patchy compared to the browns) and lacked pigmentation. Keep in mind that purples are quite hard to formulate and with Victoria claiming that her products are "clean beauty", I'm sure it's even harder to formulate a "clean" purple pigment. If I gave the browns an A+ for pigmentation and swatching and the purple an F, then the red pigment would fall somewhere in between (like a C). It passes, but I've seen better red pigments out there on the market. In terms of fall out, the browns are quite dusty/fall out heavy. This doesn't bother me, but I figured I would mention it as some people get really upset with large amounts of product fall out. The colors blend quite nicely on the lid despite the red and purple lack of pigmentation. You can get those colors to build on the lid.

How do you feel about Victoria Beckham Beauty? Did you pick up any items from the collection? I would love to know your thoughts below :)

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