Monday, July 13, 2015

NOTD and the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

This little NOTD is a bit of a surprise for my blog followers (I heart you guys! Virtual HUG!!!). Normally most of my posts go up on Instagram first but I wanted to save this one so you guys see it first as a thank you for being here. 

I used Ella and Mila for the blue polish. While I like the idea behind Ella and Mila (non-toxic and inspired by her children), I don't know that I love the polish, it applies a little too streaky and sheer for my taste. However, I felt this way about Essie when I tried that brand and now I'm all about that Essie life so Ella and Mila might meet the same fate. They do have some pretty amazing colors as well.

I am really excited about this design for one particular reason. As a college girl on a budget, I strive to walk a fine line between fashionista and budgetista. One of my goals is to help you all achieve the same balance. DIY nails are great because they are much cheaper than getting a mani at the salon. But I can understand the frustration of not being able to get perfect nails especially when nail art is involved. Enter Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen. It is literally a pen much like a Sharpie but suited for nails. If you are like me, you have much better dexterity with a pen than a polish brush. This is great when it comes to nail art since you can free hand the leopard spots with a pen much easier than with polish (the black was freehanded with the pen above). The pen price is not that bad either (under $10) and that's much more affordable than a salon mani. Make sure to wait like 5-10 minutes before topcoating so that the pen doesn't smear; I used SecheVite above. This pen also comes in a pretty good selection of colors. I would personally suggest picking up a white and a black if you are really into nail art and accent nails.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor was the author compensated for the opinions above. All products were purchased by MakeupandMasala.   

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