Sunday, July 12, 2015

Product Empties #4 (Bath and Body Works Edition): Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel, Pink Chiffon Lotion, True Blue Spa Too Shea

Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple
What I Think: This product was my favorite when I was younger (middle school to high school). I bought a ton of backups every holiday season and I'm now over this scent and probably never buying it again cause I was so OBSESSED with it for many years. It's the perfect sweet, candy scent if you are into that type of scent. Around the holidays, if you are shopping for a young girl, this is sure to please her. Having eczema, however, I do find the product a bit drying on my skin.
Repurchase: Yes, but not anytime in the next 10 years because I think I'm over my obsession with this scent. :)

Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Body Lotion Mini
What I Think: This product has a nice girly, sugary scent. It lasts the same as most Body Works products. It isn't hydrating at all if you have dry skin or live in a dry location so you don't want to pick it up if you need something hydrating. I stick these minis in my schoolbag or purse to be used anytime I need a quick dose of moisture for dry/ashy skin or if I need a quick bit of scent on my body.
Repurchase: Maybe. I like it but I won't restrict myself to this scent since Bath and Body has so many nice scents.

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Too Shea 100% Shea Body Butter
What I Think: I loved this when I used it. It was very hydrating for severe dry skin. However, it does leave a greasy feeling behind and I found it had to apply because it was very thick. I didn't particularly like the smell and the smell only got worse as the product got older.
Repurchase: No. Too thick for my taste. It was frustrating to apply this because it was so thick so I have switched to using the body butters from the Body Shop.

What products have you used up? Have you used any of these products? What did you think (let me know in the comments below)?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor was the author compensated in any manner. All products purchased by MakeupandMasala.


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