Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Julep May 2015 Maven Box

I picked up my Maven box this month pretty much because I needed a gold polish that was going to work for stamping and because I am an eyeshadow ADDICT (help me?). All Julep had to say was eyeshadow and I was all in on this box. Below is what the box looked like when I opened it. They were nice enough to include two pieces of salt water taffy in every box complete with allergy information. I love that little bit of extra care (I mean the allergy info. I know you were thinking I meant the candy ;) ). It's a great addition for the modern girl (or boy!) since so many people have allergies or special dietary restrictions.

Another look at my goodies just so we can perfect that #flatlay (insert winky face here). I seriously need to get emojis for my blogging already. Does anyone know where I can get those?

The eyeshadow duo (it reminds me so much of NARS in a good way) and swatches:

The pale gold color is a bit difficult to see but it is swatched right under where my watermark ends. I can't say enough good things about this eyeshadow. It really feels like velvet. That was not just a marketing gimmick. The shadow is very soft and very pigmented. It lasted eight hours on me which isn't that amazing but I do have oily eyelids so a lot of shadows don't have longevity on me. This is actually one shadow I don't mind reapplying because the compact is small and easily fits in my purse. Also it just feels super luxurious like NARS so I kinda want to just pull it out of my bag and show it off in the ladies' room.

For polish swatches, stay tuned!

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