Monday, June 1, 2020

Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I recently (March 2020) treated myself to a pair of Function of Beauty's shampoo and conditioner in the rose scent. Function of Beauty is a customizable, mail order hair care company. These bottles are fairly pricy compared to your average hair care product and comes with the additional hassle of placing an online order; I'm the type of girl who likes to go to the store and pick out her shampoo and conditioner for maximum instant gratification fulfilment. Both the shampoo and the conditioner smell amazing in the bottle. They smell just as nice on the hair but they are not as heavily perfumed on the hair despite carrying the scent on the hair much longer than regular shampoo. There is an option online to get fragrance free products if that is an issue for you. 

After about two uses, my hair felt a bit softer than normal and a bit less tangled (which can be a blessing if you have curly/wavy hair). The conditioner had a cooling effect on my scalp probably due to either tea tree or eucalyptus in the ingredients. After a week of use, my hair was super soft, but my scalp felt a bit dry and itchy. This was unfortunate since I had wanted to get this hair care set to alleviate some of the dry, itchy scalp issues I was having due to the cold winter weather.

After two months of use (May 2020), it was hard to tell if this shampoo/conditioner combo was actually making a difference on my hair. Any benefit I had noticed upon starting to use this product seemed to have disappeared. I then decided to switch back to my normal shampoo/conditioner (Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line) because my hair felt like it was falling out and shedding more than normal.

Currently, I am still using this product, but I have started alternating it monthly with my normal shampoo and conditioner to keep the benefits of this product.

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