Saturday, March 21, 2015

Essie Spring 2015 Nail Polish Collection: Flowerista, Blosson Dandy, Garden Variety, Picked Perfect and Perennial Chic

I picked up five of the six polishes from the Essie Spring Collection while at a wedding in Texas. My boyfriend was not thrilled about the fact that we had to hit up more than a few Walgreens to find the complete collection. The things he puts up with to date a girl obsessed with polish. :) I didn't pick up the grey polish in this collection since 1) I have multiple similar grey polishes and 2) I hate the way grey polish looks on me. These colors are the first collection that are a collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff who is closely working with Essie to come out with some new colors. If you are a fan of her purses, you will notice that the purple and green/blue shades match some of her purses very well. I know some people have been hating Essie polishes lately since they feel the application hasn't been that great. So if you've stopped buying Essie because of this, stop what you are doing and go out and buy the new collection. It has amazing application and opacity in two coats for all the colors.  All the colors are high shine with the Essie Good To Go top coat. I had no issues with staining except a bit with Flowerista. I wore all of them with no basecoat and removed each one with 100% acetone. Now on to the individual colors...

This is Perennial Chic. I find that it is a nice nude on all skin tones (for reference mine is NC45/NW40 in MAC). I wore this particular polish for two days before it started to chip. I noticed that this one smelled a bit funny in the bottle. None of the others did, so maybe my bottle was a bit off? 

Picked Perfect

Blosson Dandy with dots in Garden Variety

Garden Variety with Blosson Dandy on ring and middle finger

Essie Flowerista on the solid colored nails; the glitter is Julep's Queen Anne. I did an "acid wash" nail on my ring finger with Flowerista and Blossom Dandy. I'll be filming a tutorial for this one and hope to post it on Instagram soon!

What are your favorite colors from this new collection?

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