Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nail Art: SnailVinyls Review

Lately I have been all about Instagram. It's the perfect platform to post nail art as well as connect with nail bloggers and nail art enthusiasts around the world. Recently I discovered SnailVinyls and ordered some of their nail vinyls to make my manis look even cooler. Basically, just to be clear, everything I'm about to review, I bought with my own money. If you ever see girls on Instagram post their vinyl pics, it seems easy peesy. Reality, I've found, is much different. Vinyls definitely have a learning curve that comes with them. My first attempt at vinyls looked a lot like this(notice the big blob on the  watermarked finger):

They can be a bit frustrating to use the first time, so I wanted to share some helpful tips for using vinyls with you guys in case all you nail artters out there decide to venture out and try them yourselves:

1. Wait for the bottom coat of polish to dry BEFORE applying the vinyl (in my case, the blue coat).

2. Use a makeup sponge to gently dab on the polish to the nail over the vinyl. It works much better than trying to paint over the vinyl with the polish. If you don't use a makeup sponge, you end up with my epic fail above.

3. I did find that removing the negative space on the vinyl from the paper is a bit annoying. I had to punch out each little Morraccan symbol so that I would get a clean vinyl for stamping. Maybe the company could cut the vinyl out a bit deeper to assist with this problem.

4. If you mess up (I used three vinyls for this look), using vinyls can start to get a bit expensive since each vinyl comes out to be about $0.31 a piece. However, keep in mind that a manicure that costs two dollars is still cheaper than going to the salon.

5. SnailVinyls in particular has free US shipping and easy international shipping.

Overall, I like my vinyls, but I'm going to need a bit more practice. Personally, I can see myself reaching for my stamping kits more since I think nail stamping is a bit easier (and cheaper overall because you don't need to keep buying plates or stampers).  What are your thoughts? Have you tried vinyls? Do you find them easier than I did? Any tips or tricks?

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