Sunday, September 1, 2013

How To Make A Mani Last Longer

Every girl out there who paints her nails or gets them done would love to have a long lasting manicure. Here are my not-commonly-heard-of tips for making a manicure (or pedicure!) last longer.

Add glitter.
Covering a nail in glitter or even creating glitter french tips can extend the life of a manicure by hiding small tip chips. It also is a quick way to refresh an old manicure.

Go French.
By French tipping an existing manicure, you have a whole new nail look with a small amount of effort. This method beats removing all the polish and starting from bare nails. Two toned manicures are all the rage right now.

Stamping over the top of an existing manicure can hide the tip chips of an old manicure while giving it a new dimension. Suddenly the plain manicure that is starting to look not-so-great can look like you just got your nails done.

Get naked.
Wear a nude or light colored polish. Darker reds, purples, and blues have a tendency to make even the smallest chip look HUGE because the dark color contrasts sharply against pale skin or even the pale nail bed. On the other hand, wearing a pale pink, light brown, or beige makes the nails a slight bit darker than the nail bed so if chipping does occur, it will not be as noticeable.

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