Saturday, August 31, 2013

MAC Haul: Cream in Your Coffee, Mocha, Concealer, and Brush #224

I recently made a few trips to MAC to browse with Anna and pick up some things I wanted. Hope you guys enjoy this haul!

Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick
I asked one of the makeup artists to recommend a lip color that I could wear during the day to work since all the colors I have are red. Some people are comfortable wearing red lips to work, but I am not one of them. I work in a research lab surrounded by a bunch of guys who either 1) could care less about makeup or 2) think I'm trying to score a date if I'm dressed up. Long story short, this is what the makeup artist recommended.
Color: A pretty nude with a very natural color that works on a very large range of skin tones. It gives me "natural looking" lips; I could have actually been born with this lip color.
Consistency: MAC lipsticks are known to be really smooth and creamy. This one is no different. My lips feel like butter even without gloss and they never dry out.
Longevity: The first time I wore this color I had to reapply it three times during the day. It comes off on everything when you eat or drink.

Mocha Lipstick (Satin)
This color came out during the Mickey Contractor collection for MAC and has been a part of the permanent line since then. For those of you who don't know: Mickey Contractor is the makeup artist responsible for making Bollywood actresses look as beautiful as they do. I had to snatch up this color when I visited my MAC store because being part of a collection geared at South Asians this color is perfect on me. Two other lipsticks that were a part of this collection Mehr and Yash were limited edition, but they are now a part of the regular MAC lipstick line. The down side to this fabulous news is that they can only be purchased at a MAC Pro store or online.
Color: Perfect for South Asian skin tones anywhere from lightly tan to a chocolate milk brown.

Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum in NW40
Anna was trying to perfect a nude lip look and the makeup artist recommended lining her lips with a bit of concealer beforehand. We both marveled at how "concealing" the concealer was and both decided to invest in a pot.
**Note: Image is not in NW40 color
Color: A perfect match for my skin tone.
Quality: The best concealer I have used to date. It conceals things I want to stay hidden and looks very natural on my skin.

Brush #224
This brush is great to use to "air brush" my concealer on. I just swirl this brush in a circular motion in the concealer I mentioned above and then brush on the concealer in a circular motion on my face in the areas where I feel like I need some concealing.
Price: Around $30 for the brush, but if you are looking for a brush that will last a lifetime, this is it.

What are your favorite MAC products? Looking forward to any new collections?
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