Saturday, November 10, 2012

MAC Haul: StyleSeeker Collection and Other Finds

So I know it is a little late to review the StyleSeeker collection since I got the products in September; however, I really like these products and MAC in general so I really want to spotlight my finds.

What really attracted me to the collection was their promo poster with two of the models. I liked the look on the dark skinned model and asked my local MAC counter to recreate the look for me.

(picture found online)
Unfortunately, the eye palette on the model (Marche Aux Puces) was sold out like so many of the MAC collection products are. But my amazing artist at the Los Angeles MAC counter helped me recreate the look using other colors that are part of their standard line. I know these colors are a good representation of the actual look because we used the demo palette from the acutal StyleSeeker line to come up with the comparable colors.

(picture found online)

The gold color on the palette is very similar to Goldenrod from Mary Kay which I currently own. For the reddish-brown color in the palette, I was recommended MAC's Swiss chocolate. To get the model's eye look, apply the gold color to the lid and then apply the brown color to the outer edges of the brow and drag out. Line the eyes with a dark eyeliner or a MAC kohl pencil  and apply mascara. :)

(MAC's Swiss Chocolate,  Mary Kay's Goldenrod plus swatches (left is Swiss Chocolate))

The model on the left is wearing Hidden Treasure on her cheeks. I love how bright and foreceful the color is on her face. I did manage to buy the cheek color and I have wore it EVERYDAY since the purchase. In fact, this was  a great collection. I have worn at least one product from the collection since buying it and the artisit helping me at the MAC counter told me the same thing when I bought the collection so I HIGHLY recommend it.

(Hidden Treasure blush; swatch is below, the first one on the left)

I also picked up the On The Hunt shadow duo from the collection. I put the color on the right on my lid and apply the color on the left to my crease and kind of drag it out. It flatters/compliments my olive/brown skin well.
(On The Hunt eyeshadow swatches)
(Hidden Treasure blush, On the Hunt pink/red swatch, On The Hunt shimmery mauve)

My final find is a blush in Gingerly(NOT part of the styleseeker collection). It's a peachy/ligh pink blush that is great for when I want to wear blush but don't want something too overpowering.

(Gingerly blush and swatch)

What are your favorite MAC products from the collection or otherwise?

Have a great day! XOXO,
Haylee :)

P.S. Be sure to check out MAC's current holiday collection Glamour Daze (Days?) which is out in stores now and selling fast! :)

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