Thursday, September 27, 2012

PIXEL polish

So over the summer while browsing the aisles at my local Ulta (which I tend to do A LOT), I found a great bargain: 2 dollar nail polish AND it was a brand that I had not heard of until that moment. You guessed it; I bought myself some PIXEL nail polish. I actually bought several colors but I will only be reviewing two here since my camera with the rest of the pictures is broken and I have not be able to pull the pictures off of it.

PACKAGING: PIXEL did not do anything super exciting with their packaging. The bottles are shaped in the traditional polish bottle shape. I do like the fact that the bottles are small (.17) so that they can act as travel sized bottles. Also this allows you to sample a color you might be attracted to, but it gives you the option of being able to not commit to a large amount of polish the way brands like OPI and Essie do (I do know they come out with "minis" but not every color can be found as a mini). It really stinks to buy a large bottle of polish to try and then hate the color or have to go bad before you use the entire bottle.

PRICE: When Ulta has their special going for $2 a bottle, the price comes out to be 0.085 fl oz/US dollar. This amount per dollar actually gives the buyer more polish than Butter London (0.028 fl oz/ US dollar) which I talked about in another post. I like a deal as much as the next beauty guru so hi-five to PIXEL for having affordable polish.

COLOR SELECTION: PIXEL does not have the range of colors of OPI or Essie, but they do have a fairly large range. I believe there were about 60 or so polishes at my Ulta. If they are a new brand, however, the small range is to be expected at the beginning.

APPLICATION:  This polish is easy to apply but requires at least three or four coats to work well due to the sheerness of each coat. The buildability of this polish is commendable since it works for women who like opaque polish as well as women who want something on their nails but shy away from bold color on their nails. A few people have complained about the size of the applicator brush since the bottle is small. I had no problem with this, but it might be because I have smaller hands than most people. Someone I know suggested that it would be a great "first polish" brand for kids since the tiny brush easily accomodates their hand size as well as allowing them to explore their polish likes and dislikes without parents having to spend a fortune on a collection they might grow out of when they get older.

LONGEVITY: The polish lasted 4 days chip free before I took it off to wear another color. I hardly keep my polish on for longer than a week.

Individual reviews:

PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: I would like to take a moment and publicly display my affection for this polish (sorry for the corny joke). I wanted a nude polish, but I could never find the perfect shade. This color is my favorite from the collection so far and I am super tempted to run out and buy five more bottles of this color.

CUDDLE TIME: Another nude polish in a soft brown/tan color. It would be one of my favorites as well except I feel that it matches my tan skin tone too perfectly so that it looks like I have no nail beds. It looks paler when photographed below so it does not look quite as similar to my skin tone in the picture.

ITSY BIT-SY: A dark salmon pink which I thought would look flattering on my skn tone, but turns out it does not (at least in my opinion). When I put the color on my nails, I couldn't wait to get it off. Sorry for the upside down picture :(. I cannot figure out how to get the picture to upload the right way.


Have a wonderful Thursday night everyone! It's almost the weekend (yay!).

Haylee :)

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