Sunday, January 24, 2016

IMATS Haul: Ittse Makeup Part 2

Currently Ittse makes eyeshadows and blushes/bronzers/highlighters.

The eyeshadows I purchased from Ittse are very buttery with high pigmentation payoff making them very WOC friendly since the color still stands out on pigmented skin without a nude base on the lid. The buttery feel from the finely milled pigment particles is very noticeable if you swatch multiple brands at the same time. After swatching at Ittse, I actually swatched eyeshadows at another IMATS booth and the difference in quality was immediately noticeable to me. The quality is even more astounding when you consider the price of the shadows: $7.99 for a pan that is the same size as a MAC shadow. Why would you even go anywhere else for eyeshadow? It doesn't make sense to shop at a MAC or Bobbi Brown or whatever when you have access to prices like these. Obviously, the one thing these brands have over Ittse is that you can actually swatch a Mac or a Bobbi Brown shadow in a local store. I hope Ittse can soon be found everywhere. Till then, most bloggers will be posting swatches for readers to get an idea of the color of the product, and maybe Ittse could post a swatch on a light and dark skintone to the website?

Each shadow comes packaged in a recloseable plastic case so that if you want to store a shadow outside of your palette for whatever reason, you can do so without damaging the shadow.

I love the gold script on the plastic. It's just an extra touch that makes the product even cuter!

Finally, Ittse is a paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free company. 

On to the swatches and shadows...

Each pan has the name of the eyeshadow or blush written on the back of the pan so that when you run out, you know exactly which color to get. The last two shadows I have swatched, The Castro and Obsidian, are Ittse's signature shadows ( my own terminology). They are the style of shadows that make the brand unique. You would be hard pressed to find a shadow of the same shade in another brand.

My filled palette (9 shadows + 2 blushes). You can also fit 12 shadows in one palette.

The row furthest left in my palette.

Ittse's signature shadows

Finally, I have swatches of one highlighter, Barbados, and one bronzer, The Sunset. Barbados is perfect for all skintones and reminds me of Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop because of this. The Sunset would be a nice blush or bronzer on my fair skinned girlies. I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow.

Ittse is also offering a coupon code so you can save some money!!!! For those of you who are concerned about this, just so you know: I don't make any sort of commission off the coupon code if you do make a purchase.

Hope you enjoy Ittse as much as I do!!

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