Friday, January 22, 2016

IMATS Haul: Ittse Makeup Part 1

I'm sure many of my readers have seen that Anna and I went to IMATS  Los Angeles recently if you've been following me on Instagram and Twitter. It was our first time and we had a blast. I'll be reviewing our IMATS experience in an upcoming blog post along with tips and tricks for making it out alive and within one's budget. For now, I just want to talk about an amazing new makeup company I discovered while there: Ittse.

Ittse is a San Franciso based makeup company that is trying to revolutionize the industry by giving the makeup enthusiast the ability to customize their makeup experience. Before I launch into anything about their product, I want to take a minute to discuss their amazing and personable customer service. The minute Anna and I walked up to their counter at IMATS, Ittse's staff and owner were very friendly and helpful. When they found out that we were the bloggers behind MakeupandMasala, they were able to recall the exact posts we had shared with our readers on Instagram. Needless to say, we were flattered they knew who we were and what we had posted, but we were more amazed that they knew what we were posting and were keeping up with it. It's nice to know that there are brands in the makeup world that not only notice when people are talking about them, but also remember and actually use that feedback. If this is how they treat all of their customers from bloggers down to regular makeup enthusiasts, I have high hopes for the company. You see I like buying from companies that take the time to talk to me and make me feel like a valued customer. I have tried to buy from larger, well know brands, only to be ignored because I'm not the "ideal" customer because maybe I'm too young, don't have enough money, they aren't interested in the WOC demographic, etc. If I feel like I am wanted and valued when I try to make my purchase, as a consumer, I'm more likely to buy your product.

The second thing, Ittse has going for them is their fun and girly website decor and packaging. I love their artistic vision.

I mentioned previously that Ittse is all about customization in the makeup experience. Because of this, they have magnetic palettes where you can place all of your product. The color of the palette can be customized (I chose their newest color gold, but a coral and teal palette will debut sometime in the spring). The palettes can fit 12 eyeshadow pans or 9 shadows and two blushes. The pans can be easily removed to move around colors so if you want to only take a few shadows for a weekend trip like I often do, you can removed the ones you don't use that frequently. Also since you can move the shadows around in the palette, you can visual see which shadows pair well with each other and try combinations you wouldn't normally be keen on trying. When you glance at the palette, it had the tendency to seem flimsy. However, they are HIGHLY durable, come with a film that separates the mirror from the shadows so the mirror can stay clean, and have a very strong magnetic clamp on the edges to keep the palette shut at all times. You could toss this in your school bag or tote because of the size and you don't have to worry about have makeup spill everywhere because the magnetic clamp is THAT good.  

The newest palette color

Stay tuned for the second half of my review where I will be swatching all the products I bought!

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