Friday, January 23, 2015

Nail Polish Let Down: Essie Marshmellow

I've been adding a lot of new polishes to my collection over the holidays. Word is getting around to my family and friends that I am a polish junkie. I also happened to pick up a few new polishes for myself as a holiday/birthday treat. One of these polishes was Essie Marshmellow, a supposedly white cream. I've posted a stock photo above as I have had to return that polish bottle. I NEVER return polish. I can get even the most difficult polish to work. However, this polish was different. Application was streaky and uneven.  Also, after three coats, the polish still looked very sheer on my nails almost as if it were a jelly instead of a cream. I was terribly disappointed as this is a raved about polish by some people (Young Wild and Polished and Instagram's @essiebuff come to mind). Maybe I got a bad bottle? Either way I will stick to my NYC Color white for now.

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