Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random Product Reviews

So recently I have been very busy socializing with friends and focusing on work so I have not had that much time to post on my blog. I have picked up SO MANY products over Christmas break and January and just have not had the time to give them a proper review...hence this post. Here we go...

theBalm Cosmetics's Mary Lou Manizer
I recieved this product as part of my December Birchbox subcription which was gifted to my by Anna. I never used highlighter before recieving this product, but now I cannot get enough of this product. When my sample runs out, I am definitely buying more! It's the perfect shimmery champagne color that is flattering on all skintones. I use it a bit above my cheek bones as a highlighter, in the center of my lips on my Cupid's bow, in the inner rim of my eye, and on my brow bone right below my eyebrows after my arch to open up my eyes and give them a nice glow. The color can also be used by itself as an eyeshadow and falls somewhere in between VIRGIN and SIN(from the original Urban Decay Naked palette) as far as coloring goes. The packaging is super cute and creative as well; it turns "Mary Lou" into a bad girl taking a mug shot with a board highlighting(no pun intended!) all her offenses such as shimmer and eyeshadow. I was very impressed with both theBalm and Birchbox when I got this product since it was my first product from either of the two companies.

Urban Decay's Naked Palette
So I FINALLY got the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'm sure everyone and their mom already has this palette, but I still want to review it so that girls that are getting one now can prepare for what they are getting. The palette was an AMAZING gift from my sweet, thoughtful boyfriend (probably in an attenpt to get me to shut up about the palette since I talked about it non-stop before receiving I love all the colors in the palette and they are perfect for tanned skin since the palette is warm-toned. The color payout is fantastic and a little goes a long way. The shadows last on the lid all day long and don't crease/smudge unless touched by the hand so I don't recommend the shadows if you are the type of girl that can't sstop touching your face all day. The downside is that there is a lot of fallout from the shadows, but that can be fixed by holding a tissue under your eye while applying the shadow or (for the less coordinated among us including me) applying your foundation after doing your eyes. The biggest con about the product, however, is the brush (I believe it's called the Good Karma Shadow Brush). I personally believe all it does is spread bad karma since it does not blend as well as my EcoTools brushes and is rough and scratchy on my sensitive eyelids.

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Ulta Definition Liquid Makeup (also known as foundation for the confused among us)
Stop what you are doing, throw out your old foundation, and head to your nearest Ulta or Urban Decay counter to get shaded for this foundation that hit the stores right before Christmas. I promise you won't regret it. This product makes me look FLAWLESS. No joke, I look like a model. My mother could not get over how long lasting the product was and how gorgeous I looked over Christmas after taking endless photos and going to night long parties. It is a perfect match that adjusts to your skin and feels very lightweight. I do suggest you get a professional to match your skintone otherwise, you might not be happy with the product since it might make your face look ashy if you are pale. According to Urban Decay, the product is a paraben free (yay!), demi-matte finish infused with Matrixyl 3000 (an anti-wrinkle peptide), brightening Litchiderm, and green tea (which has antioxidants). The best part is that the foundation is buildable so that you can put on as much as you want/conceal as much as you want. Personally, I only need a light coverage. Other pros include the fact that the prduct is not tested on animals/is crualty free.The major downside is that this is the most expensive foundation I've ever bought coming in at a whoping $38 USD for only 30 mL of product. I wear shade 9.0 for those of you that are wondering what shade might be a perfect match for you.
Tips for making the product last longer: Although it was recommended that I should pump out the formula on my hand and then blend it with a brush onto my face, I prefer to get a small jar used for foundation samples at the department store and pump my foundation into the jar before blending the foundation onto my face. That way I can save the excess product and use it for the next time. You can get the small jars over the counter at the department store. Mine are from Clinique. Another plus is that the little jar is great for traveling.

Haylee :)

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