Monday, January 14, 2013

Lush Recommendations + Giveaway and the 100 Day No Buy Challenge

Hi lovelies!!! Sorry I haven't talked to you guys in a while; it's been a busy holiday season and my birthday just passed!!!! Anyway today I'm sick and bored at home so I thought I'd write a little post bout what's going on in my life right now.

I've been so bored, I've been watching Lush Haul YouTube videos and now I'm jonesing to get into their store and start buying some things. I do have my own preChristmas haul to share with you guys as well and I will post that soon.

Part of the reason I haven't walked out the door to go to Lush is that I'm trying a 100 day no shopping challenge as a kind-of New Years resolution. I don't really shop all that much, but recently I have accumulated so many things that I think it's time to focus on other aspects of my life such as relationships, helping the poor, etc. If you want to in on my little adventure, here are the rules:

No makeup/beauty/unnecessary purchases for 100 days.
You may buy gifts for others.
You may restock on items you are out of such as shampoo, lipstick etc.

As a little reward for when I am done, I have decided to treat myself to some Lush products. I will be off this no buy ban sometime in April. The Lush products are where you guys come in. Leave a comment with something that you think I should buy and why you love the product. If I end up buying your product recommendation, you could get one for yourself as well courtesy of makeupandmasala!!!! Also, if you have never tried Lush products feel free to comment below with a product you'd like to try. If I buy it, I'll buy one for you too. :)

Note: Entries can only be submitted by followers so make sure you follow us!!!

So far I am 14 days strong!!!!

Haylee :)


  1. I'm not a follower (no social media) but some recommendations are:
    sexy peel soap - a nice citrusy soap with fruit peels for gentle exfoliation.
    Whoosh shower jelly - fun to play with and a great citrus scent.
    Let the good times roll facial cleanser - cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes.
    Pink FUN - pink clay like soap that has a sweet candy like scent.
    Green FUN - green clay like soap that has a bright citrus scent.
    Melting Marshmallow Moment - super moisturizing bath melt with a sweet candy like scent.
    9 to 5 - easy to use facial cleansing cream that removes dirt, oil and makeup when your just too lazy to wash your face or don't feel like getting wet.

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