Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul: Cashmere Glow and Sweet on Paris

Hi guys! So this morning before heading off to work, I stopped by Bath and Body Works to grab their new scent Cashmere Glow.  I haven't bought any lotion/body stuff in a while since I really don't need any; my countertops and bathroom space are overflowing with scented lotions, perfumes, and sprays at the moment thanks to a few large scale Victoria Secret hauls that I did last year. That being said, I might just give in and buy some of the new stuff from the Cashmere Glow line since I have falled in love with it.

The lotion I tried today smells amazing! It has a nice vanilla scent and the name makes me think of cashmere sweaters and fall (which I love since fall/winter are my favorite times of the year). The lotion will probably be my comfort lotion that I put on after a warm bath on a rainy fall day. In addition, you guys should know that September 15th from 1-5 pm Bath and Body Works will be doing a "fall festival" where you get to experience all their new collections and sample their fall scents. In addition, if you make a home fragrance purchase, they will give you a free gift of a LIMITED EDITION candle in the scent of "pumpkin carving" and a fall gift bag. I will probably be attending since I am addicted to their candles and I love having my house smell like cookies and pumpkins leading up to the holiday season.

Speaking of fall, it just started feeling like fall in the desert so I wore my best fall comfy outfit to work today. My mom got me the tights; aren't they amazing? I have the BEST MOM EVER!!! Sorry for the mess in the background, my room needs to be cleaned but I don't have anywhere to put the stuff that has accumulated/the time to clean my room. :(

Finally, I have another scent that I got a while back from Bath and Body Works that I just didn't get a chance to review. Actually I haven't even tried this lotion yet, so I am opening the bottle as we speak (or type, rather). The scent is called "Sweet on Paris" and I believe it was a summer line that the company launched sometime between April and June. I love the color of the lotion and the bottle decor. Unlike Cashmere Glow which has a fall theme with a brown and gold label and pale pinky/white lotion, Sweet on Paris is very summery with blue lotion and the Eiffel Tower and macaroons on the label. The bottle just looks like a vacation waiting to happen. The lotion itself smells like candy to me and has a very sweet scent. It kind of reminds me of the company's winter lotions/body scrubs called "Candy Apple" that come out during the Christmas season which I'm a big fan of.

Hope ya'll have a super rest of the weekend! Love,
Haylee :)

PS-Sorry for the horrible watermarking. I'm still learning how to do it so I apologize if they are ugly. Any watermarking tips would be appreciated.

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