Thursday, July 19, 2012

Butter London Polish: Royal Navy and West End Wonderland

So lately I've been getting into Butter polishes and I have come to love them very much. At first I was concerned when I swatched Royal Navy since the polish chipped after two days. The polish seemed like a waste since I was spending $14 for a bottle of polish that did not last that long. However, I can to realize that if I used a different brand of top coat and base coat, the product would not chip as fast. Here is a breakdown of my review (there are photos at the end):

Packaging: I LOVE the Butter packaging. The square bottles make me feel so sophisticated and definitely make the polishes display worthy. I like to leave mine out on my vanity. Also the square bottles make storage so much easier than the rounded bottles that most nail companies utilize. It's just easier to save space and pack bottles in a container tightly together when they are square.

Price: 0.028 fl oz/ US dollar. This is in the mid-range for polishes. I am ok spending this much for what I believe is a quality nail polish, but I know some of my readers might differ.

Color Selection: I think they have a fairly good sized range of colors--not as many as OPI and Essie but enough to satisfy the average polish afficionado.

Application: I have a hard time applying this polish when I put my first coat down. I have not figured out if this is because of the basecoat I am using (OPI basecoat) or if this is how the polishes always act. My first coat is usually uneven and streaky, but any mess is cleared up by the second coat and my topcoat.

Longevity: 6 days before my tips started to chip. I am happy with this since I usually only have the patience to wear my polish for a week anyway.

Fun Facts: Butter polishes always have fun names like "Yummy Mummy" and "Come to Bed Red". The polish names also reflect their British heritage. If you are interested a few of their polishes also have matching lip colors. Butter is also 3-free (no DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde) meaning that it is free of chemicals that are carcinogens when exposed to them for long periods of time.

Individual reviews:

Royal Navy: I absolutely LOVE this polish color. It reminds me of Kate Middleton (I don't know why, maybe because she wears a lot of blue) and just seems so sophisticated to me. I had been dying to buy a navy blue and I purchased this to go with my spring nautical themed clothes from the Jason Wu for Target collection.

West End Wonderland: I love this polish as an accent nail. I feel like it would be unprofessional of me to walk around with all of my nails in this color at work, but maybe over the holidays I will do a full manicure with this color. The microglitter (in yellow/gold and orange) makes me all happy and giddy like a little girl.

Without Flash

With Flash 

With Flash

 Without Flash

The full manicure without flash (excuse the slight mess, I took pics before the final clean up)

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