Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Book of Burger by Rachael Ray

So a few weeks ago I got my boyfriend a cookbook. We periodically exchange "just because" gifts. I was having a hard time trying to narrow down my gifting choices when I noticed Rachael Ray's  Book of Burger on a display shelf at Barnes and Nobles. The gift was perfect since my boyfriend had just gotten a new grill and was planning a BBQ for the weekend I was planning to visit him.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for the men in your life if they are grilling afficionados or into cooking at all. The book has various burger recipes as well as common (and not so common) side dishes that compliment burgers well such as fries, tots, and jalapeno poppers. I think my favorite part of the book is where Rachael asks other famous chefs for their favorite burger ideas including Bobby Flay.

My favorite recipe so far is the Roasted Jalapeno Poppers. The jalapenos are formed into a boat, the insides are scooped out, and the peppers are stuffed with cheese, more jalapenos, cream cheese, and covered in bread crumbs. They provide the perfect amount of kick for guests who are not shy about spice. I should warn you, however, to use gloves when you scoop out the centers of the jalapeno peppers (or any super spicy pepper). Unfortunately I DID NOT use gloves and had to soak my hands in a bowl of milk for 24 hrs when the burn finally kicked in. I also washed my hands repeatedly in vegetable oil to remove the burn from the peppers. My boyfriend and I agree that we got some extra spicy jalapenos since they were still super spicy after being baked in the oven as well; however, I would recommend that you wear gloves when dealing with any pepper that has lots of capsaicin in it, the chemical that gives hot peppers their "kick".

What is your favorite Rachael Ray recipe (or recipe in general)?

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