Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Perfect Care Package: Sister/Girlfriend Edition

During some holidays throughout the year or to say "Just Because I Love You" to my sister or girlfriends, I like to send out care packages. These are a great idea for if your friends live away from you, the Christmas season, or a sorority gift exchange. I have a few examples of what I sent my sister and sisters-in-law this Valentine's without breaking the bank. I got everything at Target since they have a lot of cute bits and bobs for a very affordable price (this post is NOT sponsored by them--they just really fit the college girl budget)

I purchased a makeup bag($17) to pack all of my little gifts in and some elastic cloth hairties ($4) in girly/Valentine's colors.

Since all the girls are into makeup and I wanted to go with a pampering/spa theme, I got them a small makeup palette from NYX ($8), Fiji nail polish from Essie ($9), Pacifica body lotion ($15), and of course candy for Valentine's! The Pacifica lotion brand is a bit expensive, but I know a few of the girls are into all-natural products so I tried to buy a lotion that would accommodate their desires.

The last few gifts came mostly from the dollar section at Target: Valentine's socks, facial tissue (great for a purse or school bag), and a relaxing mud mask ($2).

I hope you were inspired by this post. What do you typically get your friends as gifts for care packages? I'd love to know in the comments! :)

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