Sunday, August 4, 2013

REVIEW: OPI Which is Witch?

For the last post I used a glitter that I wanted to review for you guys: OPI's Which is Witch? from the Wizard of Oz collection. I know this polish has been out for a while, but you can still snag it at your local Ulta or other beauty supply store during their summer sales so I wanted to give you my two cents before you splurge on this glitter like I did.

Glitter: Glitter just makes everything better.
Price: OPI is good quality polish and I am willing to shell out the $8 this polish normally costs. It is much cheaper per fluid ounce than Butter London or Julep. However, I just wish it was cheaper so that the nail polish junkie I am would not go broke every time I saw a polish I like from OPI.

Quality: I had such a hard time using this polish to make my glitter gradient tips for the picture above. It would wipe off the black polish underneath it every time I tried to brush the glitter on. I wait a really long time between coats (10 minutes+) and none of my other polishes do this. 
Originality: Two types of glitter (maybe three?) in one bottle. A lot of indies were doing this way before OPI jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, the polish is pretty, but OPI does not score any points for creativity in my book. 

Overall: I would say this polish is not worth the money unless, like me, you are just obsessed with how pretty it looks.

What are your favorite glitters? I'm on the hunt to find a lot of new ones since my collection has only a few glitter polishes. I'm obsessed with Alanna Renee polishes but I can't find them in the USA. Super sad times.
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