Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NOTD: My Boyfriend Does My Nails + Stamping Hearts

As I've said before, I recently got into stamping and have made it my goal to use every stamp on all my plates. Well, my boyfriend thought stamping was pretty interesting and wanted to help me try it out. Here is our result:

I took this picture before the clean up job so I could take a good photo while there was still sunlight that day. We (or rather he) also learned not to push down on the stamp with a lot of pressure when stamping since it tends to spread out the image and make it much bolder. I used NYC's 134 French Tip White and stamped the red hearts with Essie's Ole Caliente. I actually did a gradient on the base with the white and a light purple (Essie's Lilacism) but the purple did not show.

Has your boyfriend or anyone else tried to do your nails? How did it turn out?
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