Friday, April 19, 2013

Face Lift + Facebook + GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hi lovelies! MakeupandMasala just got a new face lift! Do you love it? We do! Please leave us any comments if you are having issues with anything or if our new look just does not suit you (or tell us if it does!).

Also we are proud to announce that we have made a page on Facebook for you guys to follow us and encourage your friends to follow us. The page can be found here. To encourage you guys to join/share our Facebook page, we are offering an easy entry into our current giveaway if you like/share us on Facebook.

Also we'd like to giveaway a PALETTE in our giveaway, but we just can't decide which one. Let us know what you would like to get in a comment below! Also the lovely Sofia requested that we do a MAC lipstick giveaway so we are giving away one in the same giveaway. We hope to do a giveaway entirely of MAC lipsticks sometime in the future.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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