Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maybelline's New Blush Review and Swatches

So Anna and I decided to try out the new Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes. You should have seen the look on Anna's face when I told her I wanted us to get some. But she's a TOTAL addict now!

We applied the blushes with just our fingers since it is more of a cream blush. It takes a bit of a light hand to apply the blush (we looked like we had joined the circus the first time we applied them!). I think it's my new favorite blush. Anna said she was going to just take the blush out and poke it when she's stressed just because the texture was so interesting. She described it as walking on the moon. The product last a long time and only costs between $6-9 (unfortunately I can't remember the exact price). The two middle colors Peach Satin and Plum Wine blend together nicely for a soft peachy red glow. The swatches below are laid out in the same order the blushes are photographed above (l to r: Coffee Cake, Peach Satin, Plum Wine, and Orchid Hush)

There is a bit of a down side to the product (but I won't stop buying it!). I've only used powder blushes till now so this one takes a bit longer to put on in the morning because I'm using my fingers. For some reason I hate using my fingers to put on makeup. Also Anna and I had to return Orchid Hush and Coffee Cake back to the store and we NEVER return beauty products. The color payoff was so bad that darker skinned girls would not be able to use them. I don't even know if pale skinned girls would be able to either. We also thought the containers were a bit hard to open (note the large crater in Orchid Hush).

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend! XOXO,

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