Friday, March 29, 2013

Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

So recently, Anna and I did some major shopping (I will soon be posting a haul video). Anna and I are on foundation overload these days trying to pick products that will look nice on our skin tone. I am particularly concerned about finding a product that isn't too heavy since summer is right around the corner (at least in the desert!) and I hate melting makeup and the sensation of feeling like I have makeup on. Long story short: I decided to try Maybelline's BB cream.

I've wanted to try BB creams for a long time since the are supposedly lightweight formulas that give the wearer the "I'm not wearing any makeup" feeling. The sad part is that not many brands that make BB creams produce shades that are dark enough for most South Asian or African women. It makes sense on one hand since the creams are an Asian cult favorite that are supposed to whiten the wearers skin. On the other hand, it make no sense for AMERICAN companies to make a cream that a large population of women cannot use. Maybelline is one of the few that makes a shade that I can wear. I wear their "Deep" shade which is the darkest shade they have. This is great news for me, but it saddens me that there is a whole range of skin tones after me that has NO BB cream option. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

Anyway, the shade is a perfect match on me and lasts all day. It even feels like I have no makeup on which is the highlight of the entire product for me. Ok, maybe not. I like that it has sunscreen built into it. One less thing I have to think about in the morning which allows me to hit the snooze button on the alarm a few more times. The only down side I can foresee is that some people (Anna!) hate titanium dioxide in their beauty products. I will see if she can give us the pros and cons of titanium dioxide in another post. I don't mind titanium dioxide in my beauty products, mostly because I have never done personal research on it's effects and I like to do my own research before I decide if an ingredient is good/bad. 

The benefits of the cream in the picture are what Maybelline claims the cream does. The only thing I might disagree with is "blurs imperfections". I've been using this cream for two days now (I'll keep you guys posted on the long term), but I can still see my scar under my nose both with and without the cream. 

The final thing I wanted to tell you about this cream is that it makes me look oily on camera. I don't know if this is a) Haylee looks bad on camera/thinks she looks bad on camera b) I am applying this cream wrong c) it makes people look oily on camera. Just a thought for you guys. But if the answer is (b) please let me know so I can fix this ASAP.   

Yay! It's Friday! Enjoy your weekend. Any fun plans? My mom is visiting for Easter! XOXO,

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