Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Beauty Must Haves

So today I will let you guys have a peek into my beauty regime and share with you my beauty must haves. A lot of my girlfriends ask my what beauty products I use all the time so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you guys! :)

1. Burberry Brit Sheer
This perfume is my all time favorite go to scent. When I was first shopping for a fragerance several years ago, this scent captured my heart from the very beginning. I love fruity and floral scents so this perfume was a winner from the start.  It has notes of pineapple, litchi, mandarin, grapes, pink peony, and peach blossoms to name a few. Since then it has been my signature scent so much so that my sister (who is also in love with this scent) is dying to get a bottle herself. The only thing holding her back--it reminds her of me so much that she feels she can never make it her own.

2. Mary Kay eyeliner in Sable or Deep Brown
When I first started using makeup, my mother took me to see a Mary Kay consultant. I have always loved their eyeliners especially their Sable shade. Unfortunately, they no longer make Sable so recently I have been opting for Deep Brown. It's the perfect shade of dark without being black so my eyes look bold and alluring without looking overly done. Most people say my eyes are my best facial feature so I like to accentuate them when I'm doing my makeup.

3.Victoria Secret's Strawberries and Champagne Lotion
I have been in love with this scent ever since I was a little girl and picked out a gift set in this scent as a Christmas gift for my mom. I feel very sweet yet very sexy when I wear it and it gives me a nice clean feeling when I step out of the shower.

4. Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner
I am blessed with thick, long dark hair but I'm South Asian so maybe it's in the genes. If it's not, Tresemme does great things for my hair. I've been using it since I've been in middle school and I love that they have a natural line with lower sulfates.

5. Victoria's Secret Body Scrub
I will take their body scrubs in any scent, but Mango Temptation is my favorite. I love how gritty the scrub feels. I don't like scrubs that are not super gritty (a scrub should SCRUB) and this one meets all my exfoliating needs. My adorable boyfriend also loves this scrub after recently using it to scrub his feet after having his feet inside a pair of smelly sneakers one day. :)

6. OPI's Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
I am a nail polish addict. I don't think my nails have ever been polish free since high school. This red is the perfect shade and it works well for all skin tones and all occasions. I find it even funnier since I actually know a Mrs. O'Leary (I have never had her BBQ).

7. Revlon 1? inch straightener
I have had this straightener since I began college (I've been out for several years now so that's saying something). I love how inexpensive it is($20!) and how fabulously it works. When I broke mine a few years ago, I ran out immediately to purchase the same one all over again. I will put a disclaimer on this straightener for my super curly haired/African American gals out there since I have it on good advice from one of my African American friends that it does not straighten super curly/coarse hair as straight as some of ya'll would like yours to be. However, mine comes out pin straight.

8.  Mary Kay eyeshadow in....


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Haylee :)

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