Saturday, October 6, 2012

Julep Maggie

So back in June or July I got a Julep mystery box for myself that came with Maggie. Here is a swatch of the polish on me. It has a very Halloween feel to it, but I'm not loving the color. I think I would have liked this polish more without the glitter.

PACKAGING: I love the rectangular bottles. They pack a lot easier than most other polish brands which carry a rounded bottle. Also I just feel like the rectangular bottles give a polish collection more maturity.

PRICE: $14.99/.27 fl. oz. or $11.99 with the Maven discount. This polish is a bit pricier than most brands but when you take into account that they are free of major carcinogens (four free) and that most of the polishes are highly discounted through the Maven program, the price does not seem as bad.

APPLICATION: Easy two apply. Two coats gives the optimum opaqueness desired.


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Haylee :)

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