Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hugo Boss: Hugo Element Men's Fragrance

Continuing with the fragrance theme and the Hugo Boss theme, today we have Hugo Element, a men's fragrance from Hugo Boss.

I am not super thrilled about this fragrance (maybe be cause I am a woman). It does not have a wow factor to it and I do not think I would particularly remember a guy for wearing this fragrance. That being said, I do, however, believe the fragrance nice and makes a great everyday scent for a guy or I recommend it for a guy just starting to explore fragrances. I LOVE the fact that the face of the scent is Jonathan Rhys Meyers; he is one of my favorite Irish actors. The eau de toilette has a very fresh, clean scent for its top note and a spicy, woody after note (ginger, coriander and cedarwood according to the company, although I would not have been able to individually guess the spices and the wood myself). Being a scientist, I do enjoy how the bottle resembles an oxygen bottle and clearly fits with the "element" theme. I might have to get this as a gift for my boyfriend who is equally enamored with science-themed items.

Overall, after reviewing a few Hugo Boss fragrances, I must say I am pleased with the company's efforts at making such high quality fragrances. I have not found a fragrance that I really hate (which is saying a lot since I spend quite a lot of time at fragrance counters smelling scents I do not like).

I hope the guys appreciate this post that incorporates their likes/dislikes. Keep checking me out since I plan to do a Halloween giveaway soon (post suggestions below in the comments).

What are some of your personal fragrance favorites?

Haylee :)

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