Monday, September 24, 2012

Hugo Boss: Boss Orange

So today I got a sample in the mail for Hugo Boss's new eau de toilette for women, Boss Orange. I love the way the actual fragrance bottle looks with it's peachy/orange color and sleek design. I would definitely display it on my dresser/perfume counter.

According to Hugo Boss's website the perfume is:

"...a warm, complex, and inviting fragrance that combines fresh notes of crisp apple, white florals, vanilla and sandalwood. The elements fuse to create a romantic scent you can wear with passion."

Personally, I like the scent, it's very floral although I was hoping that it smelled more citrus-y due to the "orange" name. Upon spraying, the perfume smelled a bit too much like alcohol for my liking (I am very sensitive to the smell of alcohol so this could just be me); however after waiting a bit the alcohol scent faded away leaving just a nice clean floral smell. It does remind me of oranges a bit although this might just be because the name is "orange". After wearing it about a full 3-5 minutes, the vanilla notes become very apparent and give the perfume a very warm feel which reminds me of the holidays since vanilla seems to remind me of the holidays.

I can't wait to buy a full sized bottle.  :)

Any recommendations for other perfumes I should try? What are your favorites?

<3, Haylee :)

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