Friday, May 28, 2021

Carter Beauty: Sweet Apricot Palette


So I'm very excited that the Irish beauty brand Carter Beauty is now available in the States. It's a favorite of makeup queen Khloe Kardashian so you know it's probably legit. I picked up 3 of the eyeshadow palettes that are now available at Walmart to test out since I'm a self-proclaimed eyeshadow junkie. The brand is fairly affordable since it is marketed in Walmart and the eyeshadow palettes each cost $13. Today I wanted to review the Sweet Apricot palette which is a great spring/neutral shadow palette.

For my first look, I tried the shades Marmalade, Milkshake, and Bon Bon. The shades are very pigmented and blend quite easily. However, some colors aren't really flattering on darker skin tones and can come out to be a bit ashy (looking at you, Bon Bon 😞). Reese was the only shade that gave me a bit of fall out if that is something that bothers you in makeup palettes. The palette includes mattes and shimmers so it's really versatile for a whole eye look.  For me personally, I would want to also reach for another eyeshadow palette since I need a darker shade than Reese to deepen my outer crease. Each look I've created with this palette has had a wear time from 6 to 7 hours before I've taken it off so longevity isn't something one has to worry about with this eyeshadow brand. 

These palettes aren't really travel-friendly in my opinion since the packaging is cardboard and in my experience, this type of packaging has not survived being in my travel makeup bag.

Have you tried these palettes? What are your thoughts?

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