Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: Lush's Waylander Rhassoul Soap

I have an addiction to Lush's soap....ok, let's be honest: I have an addiction to everything Lush puts out. But my favorite splurges have to be their soaps. They smell amazing, make showering that much more fun, and (the best part) they cut the soap in store to fit your budget.

At the beginning of summer I decided to explore Lush's Retro collection. The Retro collection is a set of products that you can only buy online. Waylander Rhassoul is one of the many things I bought from Lush's website during my haul. Before I dive into my review, I do want to warn my fellow desert dwellers that ordering certain products in the middle of the summer heat from Lush is never a good idea. When my soap came in, it was a goopy, liquidy mess. I did discover that if you put the still unopened soap in the fridge for a day, you will end up with a perfectly brand new solid soap bar. Yay!

On to the soap...

I was attracted to this soap because Lush claims the soap is good for troubled skin and I have eczema so I love products that can help my skin look glowy and beautiful. This soap has mud to cleanse your skin and ground up pumice to scrub away dead skin cells. I thought the soap was initially a bit too scratchy on my skin, but after showering with the bar a few times it does not feel as scratchy. Maybe the mud helps smooth the bar a bit.  Personally, I think the soap smells bad. It smells very natural. When I use it, the bar reminds me of playing in the mud and sand after the rain as a kid. The bottom line is if you don't like smelling earthy, maybe this soap isn't for you. It is definitely a unisex soap, however. I find that the smell lasts into the next day if you shower with it at night so if you dislike the smell (like me) you can always cover it up with a nicer smelling lotion. I took a break from this soap and came back to it a few nights ago. Unfortunately, this time I feel that it gives me little pimples on my back. Has this happened to anyone else? Overall, this is a nice soap to try out one time, but I will most likely never purchase it again.

What are your favorite Lush soaps?
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