Monday, October 22, 2012

Mismatched Manicure

So I finally painted my nails after a very long break. I went to the salon a month ago to get some french tips done since I was getting bored of doing my own nails (shock! :o) This happens to me sometimes since I always do my own nails about once a week. Sometimes it is nice to go to a salon and just be pampered and have someone else do my nails for once. I had a hard time getting the gel mainicure off so I had to clip my nails a bit shorter than I normally would. The edges were also a bit jagged so I decided on a manicure that would hide the uneven edges a bit: polka dots.

The nails have a very nautical theme and match one of my Jason Wu blouses. I decided to make my left hand blue with polka dots and leave my right hand solid I now have a mismatched manicure. The real reason behind me just having one polka dotted hand is because I got sick of fighting my shaky right hand when it would mess up the dots on my left hand. That being said, I will proudly rock my mismatched manicure. At first I felt like people would think I'm crazy, but I've decided I'm ok with that. After all Bibhu Mohapatra recently had his models walk down the runway with one nude hand and one painted hand in honor of his mother who, being a traditional Indian, would only paint one hand so she could eat her food with the other hand and not have to worry about messing up her manicure.

I used China Glaze First Mate with NYC Color's white for the polka dots.

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Haylee :)

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