Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maybe She's Born With It...

Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite Maybelline products that I just found out about from my sister and her wonderful, makeup obsessed friend, G. I was over at my sister's place a few weeks ago getting ready for a football game, and like all sisters, I was going through her makeup bag and sampling her products to see if there was anything I did not already have when I came upon Maybelline's Super Stay 24  Color Lip Gloss and Balm Duo. I have to say I LOVE this product. I wanted it so bad after I tried it that I made my boyfriend drive me to the store after the game so I could pick up a few of these for myself.

I am a fan of lip color, but I cannot find colors I like (I tend to prefer nudes) that last as long as I want them to last. This all changed with the 24 Color Duo. My sister had the "Unlimited Raisin" duo which was my favorite color. Apparently every female on the planet agrees with me here because I have been to two separate stores in two separate months looking for "Unlimited Raisin" only to find it SOLD OUT TWICE. Clearly, it is a phenominal color. I did buy the product in two alternative colors: So Sienna and Perpetual Plum (my natural lip color, just prettier).

Here is my breakdown of the product:

PACKAGING: Nothing super exciting here. The product has a lip gloss on one end and a lip balm on the other end. The gloss end is clear so that you can see the shade of the color you are picking out if you toss it into a makeup bag or box.

APPLICATION: Put on the gloss, wait a few minutes for the gloss to dry, and then put on the lip balm for long lasting wear.

PRICE: Fairly reasonable. I can't remember the exact price. I think it was about $7, but I know that Target periodically has a sale where the price of the product goes down to $6.

COLOR SELECTION: A decent selection of colors; there are maybe fifteen to twenty different colors. There are not as many colors as there are shades of Maybelline lipstick.

LONGEVITY: At least twelve hours. However, I feel like this is hit or miss. The first few days I got the product, the gloss lasted a long time, but yesterday when I went out to a dinner date, the gloss was off in a few hours. The nice part about the Maybelline product is that it does not come off on glassware so if you go out to eat on a date, the gloss won't end up on your glass or even your date. :P

I will try to get a picture of the product up here as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out my Halloween Giveaway for some cool stuff!

XOXO, Haylee :)

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