Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Julep June 2012 Mystery Box Product Review

So my last post was about the mystery box I recieved. I said I had not used the products yet and would post product reviews later so here they are! :)

Julep emory board - The Julep emory board is actually not one of my favoriate products at all. They provide them complimentary in some of their monthly boxes as well as mystery boxes. It's a nice touch but I feel like the grit on the emory board is not as tough as the grit on some of my other emory boards that I purchased a while back at Target (I think?). I should let you guys know however, that I do use emory boards incorrectly since I file my nails back and forth (a BIG no no in the beauty world) so maybe I don't like the grit because I feel like my nails don't file as fast.

Julep Best Pedi Prep Ever- I LOVE this product! I was hoping that the mystery box I received would have some pedi prep stuff because I was dying to try it out. I followed the instructions on the bottle exactly to make sure my feet would turn out nice. After applying the roll on product (super easy application, yay!) I opted to use a pumice stone I had previously purchased from Target (I think?) to buff my feet instead of their foot file since I didn't want to open too many of the same products all at once. I used the stone to buff the edges of my feet and the heel of my foot before moving on to the center of my foot and the toes. Then I washed the stone and my feet in warm water. My feet were super soft and callous free for TWO weeks!!!! TWO weeks! This is a very big deal since I live in the desert and I wear flip flops all day long since it is too hot to wear anything else in the summer time. My flip flops are black and they stain my heels and give me rough edges, but with Julep's product my feet were as smooth as a baby's for two weeks. :) I would definately buy this product on my own and at $20, the cost is not bad either for the results.

Julep Best Pedi Creme Ever- After I used the Pedi Prep, I rubbed my feet with this product. It's a good product and definitely moisturized my feet. The results don't really stand out to me, however. What I do like the most about it is the scent: a cool cucumber that is not over powering. It gave me my "ahhhhh", relaxing moment when I put it on.

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