Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Viseart Mon Petit Chou Chou Palette Review: Swatches + Looks

So I was waiting to grab this palette on the Sephora VIB sale this spring, but it sold out before I had a chance to nab it. Luckily, the palette was still on Viseart's website and they had just debuted the new Spritz palette I was eyeing. I went ahead and ordered them both together despite telling myself that I would wait to grab the Spritz palette. I will be reviewing the Spritz palette in a separate upcoming blog post. 

I am really excited to be supporting Viseart right now. They are a fairly small makeup brand compared to other companies and have extended their Pro makeup artist discount (all products for 20% off) to all essential workers and healthcare personnel during the current global crisis. You just have to sign up to get put on the Pro mailing list here.

Here are swatches of the top row of the palette:

And here are the swatches of the bottom row of the palette:

My thoughts on the shades:

The mattes are really nice to work with. They may not feel buttery soft to the touch like some mattes from other brands, but they perform very professionally on the lid (and that's honestly what counts in an eyeshadow palette). The sparkly pink shade and the pale peachy nude shimmer work well on the lid as well. Keep in mind that I usually apply my first coat of any eyeshadow on the lid with my fingers and then blend with a brush afterwards. The shades wear for quite a long time on the lids with a primer under them (8+ hours). I haven't tried the silver or dark brown shimmer shades on my lids yet so if anything changes I will keep you posted.

Here is the first look I did with this palette (which could be easily replicated with the Viseart Petit Pro 2):

I used the coral shade in my crease and layed that down first and blended. Then I took the sparkly pink shade on my finger and laid it down on my main lid. On the inner and outer corners of the eyelid, I cheated a little bit and used a dark brown shade from my Colourpop Mar palette. When I had the shades placed where I wanted them, I cleaned the outer part of the eye look with the brush I used to lay down the coral shade to blend everything in.

My second look:

For this look, I took the darker matte brown shade (it's more my skintone), and applied it to the crease of my eye. Then on the first half of the lid I placed the peachy shimmer shade on my lid. To finish the look, I added the matte pink shade to the outer v.

My final thoughts on this palette:

This is a limited edition palette for $30. And while it is a great palette in terms of performance and delivers the quality so common of Viseart, the color selection is limited to only neutral brown/nudes and pinks. Unless these are your everyday colors that you gravitate towards, I would suggest passing on this palette and saving your money for a more everyday palette from Viseart such as the Apricotine which is the same price point but more neutral. 

Hope this review was helpful. I'm curious, did any of you grab this palette for spring?

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