Saturday, November 9, 2019

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette

Today I want to talk about the latest Huda Beauty palette that has released: Mercury Retrograde. I've been OBSESSED with this palette from the moment it leaked on Trendmood. It's such a refreshing break from all the fall-themed palettes out now. Unlike those palettes with their reds and browns and oranges, this palette screams spring to me with it's colorful layout of pinks, greens, and blues.

The palette retails for $67 which is a $2 increase in price from Huda's previous two large palettes. However, this is a hard plastic case instead of the cardboard packaging we have come to expect from her larger palettes so I think it's worth the money. Her shadows are very fragile and I like having the hard case to protect the palette during travel or the dreaded makeup counter free fall.

At first glance, the blue color Mercury is difficult to work with and my first few eyeshadow look attempts with only blues/greens in this palette were a hot mess. However, the other colors do work quite nicely. Cosmic applies well on the lid, Utopia is a nice matte, Crash is the perfect crease color for me, and Super Moon is a nice topper over the matte shades, giving a nice extension to the wear-ability of the shadows. 

Overall, I would give this palette a 4/5 because the blues don't seem to work as well as I wanted them to which is unfortunate. As this is the most unique portion of the color scheme from her other two large palettes, I felt that they should stand alone and really shine to make this a worthwhile purchase if you already have Huda's other palettes.  

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