Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How To Enjoy Being Single

So Valentine's Day will be quickly upon us and I know that there are some girls out that are aren't excited to be spending this year alone. I wanted to make this post for all of the girls out there that feel this way to encourage you to enjoy your singlehood while it lasts. I know it can sometimes seem like you are the only person on the planet who is single after you pass a certain age and it can seem quite difficult to hold it together when it seems like all of your friends are getting engaged, married, or starting a family. I spent 10 years in a relationship only to end up having my engagement broken off three months before the wedding. I've spent the last six months being a thirty-something single, and I have to say I'm very excited about being by myself for right now (of course I was quite devastated after the initial breakup) and rediscovering what I want out of life. Here are a few ways to embrance your singlehood and make the best of these years:

1. Date Yourself

Who says that dinner and a movie is only for couples? Or that a bouquet of flowers can only be given to you by your significant other? Use this time to yourself getting to know yourself and enjoying your own company. After all, if you aren't happy or comfortable with yourself, how can you expect anyone else to be happy in your company? Treat yourself to a nice dinner somewhere, order a glass of wine, and people watch. It can be quite fun to just sit an observe the outside world. Self conscious? Bring along a book or scroll through your phone. I promise you that after a while, you will let go of feeling uncomfortable when you realize that NO ONE cares that you are having dinner by yourself. It's funny how anxious we get about other people's perceptions of us. In reality, everyone is so self absorbed with what they are doing these days, they will fail to notice anything going on around them.

2. Spend Time With Your Friends and Family

When you are one half of a couple, it can be hard to find time to enjoy the company of your friends and family by yourself. Use this time to create a deep lasting bond with your parents, siblings, and best friends. Go on a spa day with your sister, cook a new meal with your mom, or maybe even help a struggling friend through a tough time. It's always easier to be there for people in need in your life when you don't have other obligations tying you down.

3. Appreciate Your Freedom

As I mentioned in #2, embrace and appreciate your freedom. When you only have to work your time around your obligations and not multiple people, it makes it easier to make spontaneous plans like driving out to the beach in the morning to watch a sunrise or picking up some groceries for an elderly neighbor or relative.

4. Journal or Meditate

This exercise can be great in helping you rediscover who you are as an individual and your core values. If you just got out of a relationship, use this time to reflect on how you could have contributed to the demise of the relationship and work on improving those parts of your character. If you haven't been in a relationship ever, it can be a nice time to reflect on what you want when you do find a partner.

5. Enjoy Being Selfish

Hate sushi? Want to decorate your living room in pink and gold? Eyeing that new handbag at Kate Spade? Go for it! Now is a great time to indulge in things that please you without having to worry about a joint budget or joint living space. 

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