Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 2017 Empties

Here's a quick round up of some products I've used up recently and my thoughts on them:

Victoria's Secret Island Breeze body wash: This was a great summery scent that I bought several years ago as part of a limited collection and just now finished up. It's a great scent for summer, but I'm glad it was a limited release as I don't think I would continue to purchase this again and again.

Maybelline BB cream with 2% salicylic acid: So sad I'm having to toss this product. It's old and expired and the product has separated so badly on the inside that you can hear the thin liquid move around like it's an orange juice carton when I shake the bottle. I'm definitely repurchasing this product since it was such a staple during the summer when I wanted something that had a light coverage in the heat.

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Wash:  While some might consider this a "summer" scent, I use it year around especially in the winter/spring when I'm over the cold and just want something to remind me of the coming season while still being winter-y. The coconut in this screams summer to me while the warm vanilla scent reminds me of the holiday season.  I don't actually think Victoria's Secret carries this scent anymore so I won't be repurchasing this one.

OGX Cherry Blossom Conditioner: I bought this on a whim last year when my fiance moved to the East Coast during the cherry blossom season. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit during the cherry blossom season and instead tried to make the season happen in the middle of the desert where I live via all beauty products that were cherry blossom scented. This was such a refreshing scent to wash my hair with and I will most certainly be purchasing this again. I plan on making it a seasonal treat for cherry blossom season.

What products have you finished up lately?

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