Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume

Since it is summer and my perfumes have started running out on me, I have recently been doing a lot of scent shopping. I've also been trying to explore some new brands for you guys. One of the new brands I have been getting into lately is Pacifica. They natural and cruelty-free which is why my friend who acquainted me with this brand loves them. I'm trying to get into more natural and cruelty-free beauty so I'll be posting a lot more of those kinds of products this summer.  Anyway more about Pacifica and my perfume...

I actually have a lotion from the company that I got in a beauty subscription box that smelled AMAZING so I was keen on trying more of their scents. My local Ulta had testers of a few of their perfumes (Whole Foods carries them too), so I smelled a few and settled on the Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume. It literally smells like I have started peeling a fresh orange or like I have walked into an orange orchard. It is quite refreshing for summer in my opinion. The bottles are pretty cheap for a perfume ($23 for 1 fluid oz), which is actually good since I find the scent fades on my skin after two hours. However, when I spray it on my clothes, it lasts the entire day and sometimes into the next. :)

What are your thoughts on Pacifica and their perfumes? Any other scents I should try?

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