Friday, March 20, 2015

Whim 3 Step Polish System Review

So Ulta became the exclusive seller of a new 3 step polish system called Whim. Whim claims to give a high gel like shine without a UV or LED light. I've never tried any at home "gel" polish systems and I decided to test this one out. They have a small color selection when compared to other brands right now, but I am sure that will change in the future. Also the bottle shape is pretty neat. It's square like Butter London but has a curve in the back.

I followed the application protocol perfectly. I applied their base coat and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then I applied my color polish (Burning Up). The basecoat has a mesh-like technology that allows it to bond to both the nail bed and the color polish. 5 minutes later, I applied my top coat from Whim. The brushes on the polish bottles remind me a lot of YSL polishes. The brush is nice and wide (not quite as big as YSL) and makes for easy application. That being said however, it does take a bit to get the polish strokes down if you are used to the OPI or Essie brushes.  The cap on the top of the bottles is a little hard to unscrew so I recommend unscrewing all the bottles before the manicure or you will ruin your manicure trying to open each of the three bottles. The color applies evenly and is opaque in two coats. Now for the down side...

Each  polish definitely has high shine after application. However, this is no better than my Good To Go from Essie and that bottle is $2 cheaper (all Whim polishes are $10, a bit pricey). The shine doesn't last long. I noticed mine was dull the next day (same as a regular polish). I sealed the edges of each coat as I applied it so I was REALLY disappointed when the polish chipped TWO HOURS after I had applied it when I got out of the shower (see pic below). Keep in mind that I had also decided to not use my hands for two hours before this to insure proper application.

I wore the polish for 7 days. Despite the initial chipping, the polish held up better than my normal polishes. It seems that when Whim polish chips, the nail doesn't continue to chip like regular polish, helping it last a bit longer. I also don't pick at my nails so they tend to last when I do them. The polishes come of very easily with standard remover (I used the CVS non-acetone remover). Here is the final photo before I removed them after the 7 days:

Overall, this system seemed a bit unsatisfying in terms of results especially when priced at $10 a bottle. I'll be sticking to my non-gel-like Essies and OPIs, thank you. 

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Have you tried this system? What did you think?

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