Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ole Henriksen's Power Peel Review

I rarely do peels, but last August my boyfriend got me a facial as a gift. I loved how my skin felt (soft, and I was all glowy) so I decided to try out Ole Henriksen's Power Peel for the same feeling at home. The Power Peel is 3 steps. Here are my reviews on the steps:

Step One:
I felt my skin get tight, but not uncomfortable. The almond polish was scrubby but not abrasive. I did feel, however, that the goop did not have the ability to spread really well. It kind of clumped to itself more than I would have liked.

Step Two:
Smells like lemon and NOT the artificial dish soap kind. Always a pro. This gel was also tightening and it burned a bit on my forehead. Nothing too uncomfortable or irritating but enough for me to sense that I did have something on my face.

Step Three:
As far as scents go, this was my favorite step. It smelt like Eastern temple incense which is a very comforting feeling for me as it reminds me of my grandmother. This goop was creamy and easy to spread so covering the skin surface was easy to accomplish.

Final results:
My skin felt baby soft immediately afterwards. My skin was also somewhat glowly and brighter than before the mask. However, the glow is no where near as good as if you got a professional facial done at the spa (slightly disappointing).  It reduced my dark spots dramatically. Overall, I feel like this is a nice product to have on hand to pamper yourself with or if you want to get your face ready for a big event (wedding, family event, etc). Just remember that if you do decide to use it before a big event and it is your first time using the product, try doing the peel a few days before the event in case you are allergic or have a reaction to the product.

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