Friday, January 16, 2015

Deserted Island List: YSL Nail Polish

Some people collect stamps. It's no secret I collect polish. However, if I was to be stranded on a deserted island there is one polish that would make the list (nevermind, how weird it would be that I have polish while alone on an island): YSL's Number 8 Fuchsia Cubiste.

It is the perfect red color. In certain lights it looks berry colored, in others, a classic tomato red. Just this color can get you from December to February from holiday parties to date nights. It might seem a bit spoiled of me to recommend this polish as The Only Polish You'll Ever Need, but hear me out. YSL is a classic brand, the  very definition of elegance. The color selection in the brand provides enough variety and on trend colors while still containing timeless classics such as this one. If you are the type of girl that only has few classic colors, it is worth investing in some YSL nail polishes. They are not cheap at $27 a bottle. But if you are a DIY manicurist, I can promise that the well spent $27 is less than the cost of a single good manicure at a salon (and the bottle will last you a lifetime of manicures). The best part of this polish: the wide brush. It covers almost your entire nail with polish in one stroke.  

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