Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Finds: Victoria's Secret, Naturally Pretty Palette, a la mode Eyes, and More!

1. Victoria Secret's Island Rush Line. OMG, you have to smell this! It smells exactly like a tropical vacation. I am absolutely in love.  The notes are pomelo fruit and coconut which gives the scent a balance of warmth and citrus. It's the prefect combo of the two types of scents I gravitate towards so yay! Also, if you were like me and did some shopping last month here, make sure to redeem the Secret Reward card during the month of April!
2. It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol 1 Matte Luxe Palette. Whew! That's a mouthful. This is It Cosmetics answer to the " rosy nude" palette looks that have become popular based on the Naked 3's popularity. The advantage of this palette over all the others is that this one is all matte plus a 'transforming white" shadow that can blend with any of the other shades if you have the itch for some shimmer in your shadow. It gets an A+ for versatility and creativity in my book.
3. Too Faced's a la mode Eyes Palette. I saw this at my local Ulta, and cannot stop drooling over it. It seems like the perfect palette for tanned skin girls and WOC since it has lots of nice brown/pinks. The dark pink and navy add a nice pop of color. I would already have purchased this by now except I have too many palettes right now (we'll see how long I believe that), and I bought several Too Faced palettes last summer so I feel I need to explore other brands a bit.
4. Jane Cosmetics. The 90's brand has come back. I was not familiar with it in the 90's since I preferred a natural, no makeup look. I recently bought one of their bronzers since they have a very large color range and meet the needs of WOC quite well in terms of bronzer.

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