Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Skintimate Shaving Gel Lushious Kiwi Splash

I ran out of shaving cream while visiting my boyfriend a few months back and was forced (not really, I love buying new products!) to buy a new one. I chose Skintimate's Lushious Kiwi Splash.

Smell: I feel like this product smells more like melon than kiwi, but either way, this product has a nice scent. The scent is also not too strong so people who like a light scent that is not too overwhelming might enjoy this product.
Product Design: A very interesting green gel squirts out of the bottle. I thought this was highly entertaining and different. I enjoyed shaving with something that looked like Flubber or green Jello!
Affordability: This could be a pro or a con. At $2.99 for this product, it won't break the bank and could be a little indulgence everyday depending on how you look at it. However, there are cheaper priced shaving gels out there on the market.

It is really hard to think of any actually. My only two complaints would be that I felt this one was not as moisturizing as my normal sensitive skin Skintimate shaving gel. My second complaint is that I wish the bottom of the bottle did not rust/leave a rust ring on the side of the tub.

Do ya'll have any favorite shaving/shower products that I need to try?
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