Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sephora's 2013 Birthday Gift: Benefit's They're Real and Watts Up

My birthday's in January....but I'm reviewing my birthday gift from Sephora now, which shows you how behind I am on reviewing products. I wanted a chance to try the products out before I talked to you guys about them. Here I go...

Benefit's They're Real Mascara in Beyond Mascara- So when I opened the mascara tube I was a bit surprised by what greeted me. The spiky wand looks more like a medieval weapon than a tool of beauty for your eye but I love it!!! The sturdiness of the bristles actually help separate your lashes and keep them from clumping while the end of the brush is perfect for coating the lower lash line. This brush has been the only time I have ever applied mascara to my lower lash line perfectly without clumps or big black streaks because I couldn't handle my wand properly.  I also feel like the shade makes my lashes (which are already black) really really dark black, more so than any other mascara product I've tried. I also feel like I get a lot of length from this wand, but it s hard to tell since my lashes are already very long naturally(I am one of the few people who has naturally long, full lashes). I didn't think this mascara made my lashes look any fuller/thicker but it might just be because I applied only a single coat to each lash line. The sample I got is not waterproof, but this doesn't bother me cause i don't ever use waterproof mascara. I have so many other mascara a lying around that I need to try, but I think i will definitely invest in a full size of this product. One thing I can say, however, is that this product definitely will make any birthday girl's day if she is a Sephora beauty insider. Sephora's birthday box actually calls it the "world's number one mascara".

Benefit's Watts Up Soft Focus Highlighter for Face- This champagne toned highlighter is actually a bit different from the actual product that is not sample sized. The actual product has what looks like a little powder puff on one end to help blend the product into the cheeks. This product is nice, but I stopped using it after one try because I loved my theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer 100 times more. I will try and give this product more of a chance later maybe, but right now my go-to highlighter is from theBalm. Benefit's product is in stick form and can just be wiped on the cheeks without a brush which is handy for travel.

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