Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get NAKED!!!

So I have been wanting the Urban Decay NAKED and NAKED  2 palette for sometime now. Since I asked for them for Xmas, I have not bought them myself. However, since I could not resist the lure of such great makeup, I caved and bought the NAKED Basics yesterday at my local Ulta and I LOVE IT!!!! I am positive I will use this palette everyday. It has 6 great matte shades (ok, a bit of a lie Venus has a bit of shimmer to it) that work on all skin tones and all ages. I love the fact that this palette is matte since a lot of older women can use this palette without looking silly/calling attention to their wrinkles. It's the mommy/daughter palette. I walked into Ulta to check the palette out initially because I was scared that the lighter shades would not work well on tan/olive and darker skin tones. Some light colors can look chalky against a dark background. However, I was excited to realize this was not the case with this palette. Luckily, there was also a consultant on hand from Urban Decay, to help me figure out how to blend the lighter colors so they look good on darker skin. The colors are highly pigmented which I am a fan of especially because I have darker skin. The case feels like rubber to me, but it seems very durable and the palette is very travel-friendly. I could easily fit it in a clutch for a holiday party or my jeans pocket since it is the same size as an iPhone or Blackberry.

Description of colors
Venus-pale skin tone color with a bit of shimmer. It looks practically the same as Foxy except it has shimmer.

Foxy-pale skintone like Venus without the shimmer (matte). It also looks less pink.

W.O.S-Pale skin tone shade, matte, more pink undertones than the two previous colors

Naked 2-Pale brown/taupe-y matte

Faint- light milk chocolate matte

Crave-dark brown matte, almost black. It's like looking into a cup of coffee without cream.

Here is my personal look that I wear using my Naked Basics Palette via a step by step guide:

1) For darker skinned girls apply WOS across the lid and follow up towards the brow bone. For lighter skinned girls use Foxy.

2) Take Naked 2 and apply it all over the lid.

3) Take Faint and blend it into the crease and the outer edge of the lid. You can also add a bit under the lower lashes if you are feeling adventurous.

4) Repeat the above step with Crave for a really well defined eye.

5) Add a dab of Venus to the middle of the top lid and into the inner rim of your eye to brighten it up a bit. Again if you are feeling adventurous, you can add some below you eyelashes starting from the point of the arch and out towards your ear. This will give you a luminous glow and highlight your face.

Enjoy! If my step-by-step guide is unclear feel free to comment! (or if you have anything else you'd like to know about.

XOXO, Haylee :)

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