Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beauty Bar/Sample Society November 2012 Box

I am very excited to say that today I got my very first Sample Society Box! Yay!

A little bit about Beauty Bar, Sample Society, and the box:
As a subscriber, you pay $15 a month to get a year subscription to Allure magazine and a box delivered to your door featuring 5 sample size high end beauty products.

What I got in my box:
A coupon code
Mini Allure magazine with beauty tips
Diptyque eau de toilette in Volutes (0.06 fl oz/2ml valued at $3.11)
L'Occitane en Provence Dry Skin Hand Cream in Shea Butter (0.3 oz/10 ml valued at $1.62)
Dermalogica's Precleanse (1 oz/30 ml valued at $6.86)
Mini (and I mean MINI) lipstick in Satin Pink #29 by Diego Dalla Palma
Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist by Alterna(1 fl oz/30 ml valued at $5.71)
Total Value (without lipstick): $17.30
What I paid: $15.00----not a super great bargain in this box compared to Julep or some other boxes but they have some nice products and I got a bit more than what I paid for.


Mini Allure magazine-I was really excited about this and it was one of the selling points in the box for me. I like guides and tips on how to use my products and this definitely came through with what it had promised. The only problem I have with this is that the first page talks about the new trend of crimson lips whereas the actual box did not send users a crimson/deep red lipstick sample. The colors found in the boxes were a standard red, orange-pink, and a pale-ish pink. I can understand why Sample Society did this, however; most women might not like the "on trend" lip color especially in deep almost-black red.

Diptyque eau de toilette in Volutes-I LOVE this scent. The name is French and apparently means the smoke from a cigarette. I know that makes the scent sound horrible, but it is meant to evoke images of women on Titanic era ocean liners, elegantly dressed and smoking. The only drawback is that the regular size of this perfume retails at a whooping $120. Actually, make that two drawbacks. I was a bit disappointed that Sample Society would chose to send me a perfume sample that I could jsut as easily pick up at the perfume counter of my local department store. I actually got TWO free samples of this perfume from my local Nordstrom's counter when I asked to smell the perfume.

L'occitane en Provence Hand Cream-This hand cream is apparently a brand bestseller; according to the company, one is sold every 5 seconds somewhere around the world. I was not super thrilled with recieving this product since I could have gotten it for free right now with the company's Facebook promotion. I will not be buying any products from this company right now, however, due to their customer service. I never got my coupon for the Facebook promo even though I applied TWICE. They never responded to me about this problem the first time I asked customer service about it. The second time, they said they ran out of coupons and that I should walk into my local store and just request a sample free of charge. I did walk into my local boutique and--as expected--I did not get a free sample because they did not believe that customer service had told me to just walk into the store and ask for one. Because of this fiasco with L'occitane, I was acutally happy to recieve a sample of the cream in my Sample Society box since I went to a lot of trouble to try the product. I will tell you more about the actual cream itself when I try it out.

Dermalogica Precleanse-Haven't tried the product yet, but I have heard wonderful things about it from other girls and I cannot wait to try it.

Diego Dalla Palma Lipstick in #29 Pink Satin- I am not thrilled at all about the size of this sample. It is only 1.5 inches tall. I do love the color and the consistency of the product. If you want to see what the color looks like on me, you can do so on my Youtube review of this box. The lipstick is very smooth and brings out the natural color of my lips. It stayed on during my ENTIRE dinner and since then has lasted 2 hours and counting. I will be buying more of these. The drawback is that the full product is $34.

Kendi Oil by Alterna-Great sample size of 1 oz. I love spraying this in my hair when my scalp/hair get really dry in the winter months. It helps add and lock in some extra moisture that I would not otherwise have and really keeps my hair from drying out and my scalp from itching/irritating due to large amounts of styling.

Haylee :)

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