Monday, October 29, 2012

My Beauty Must Haves Part II

So first off I want to congratulate Jessica S. for winning my Halloween Giveaway!!!! She was super sweet and she said she plans on using the polish to do her homecoming nails so I hope they turn out great and I would love it if you shared how they turned out with us! For everyone else, stick around because there will be a November/Christmas giveaway that I will be posting soon. :) In other news I have subscribed to some beauty boxes in addition to Julep so you guys will get to see those boxes when I open them as they arrive in November. Also for my foodies, I have some exciting products you guys should try coming up. But now on to this post...

So I ended my last beauty must haves post in the middle of the post since I was in a rush but I will continue it here:

8. Mary Kay eyeshadow in Goldenrod
I love is shadow. I got it as a kid when first exploring makeup and I still wear it all the time. Unfortunately, the last shadow I have of it is running it and I don't think they make the shade anymore which is a shame.  The color is a very nice bronze-gold. I find it very compare able to a few shades that MAC has put out and regularly use it has a substitution for some of their colors. By the way, sorry if there a typos I this post; I am trying to correct them as best as I can but the iPad I am using is kind of hard to type on :(. Anyway back to the shadow. I find it to be a great staple especially being South Asian; it gives me a great shadow to work with for very natural looks. Also it is pretty pigmented which I like since I like to have a lot of color to work with. Some brands like Stila just don't have enough pigmentation to work with the more olive/caramel skin tone.

9. Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash in pink grapefruit.
I don't have problems with acne now that I'm in my twenties, but I use this product to just maintain my clear skin and because I love anything scented pink grapefruit. My boyfriend actually was the one that got me into this product after I tried it out at his place. The invigorating smell is so refreshing  in the morning and it definitely combats breakouts. I use it twice a week to just refresh my skin. I would use it more often but since I don't have acne I try not to use it often since the main ingredient is salicylic acid. I like to save the acid for when/if I really need to fix my face.

10. Maybelline 24 hour lip color
So I've reviewed this product when I bought it but I wanted to list it here as well even if it is a fairly recent product since I like it so much. My sister and her beauty guru friend picked it out for some of the girls in their college color guard to wear. I was running through her makeup when I picked this product up and immediately fell in love with it (meaning I ran to the store that night and picked up a few colors I liked). The color lasts the entire day and goes on really smooth. The included lip balm also helps keep lips smooth and crack free which i love since my chapped lips always get worse when I wear gloss/lipstick.

11. Clinique's All About Eyes cream
Again this is another product I've reviewed on this blog, but I want to mention it here as well since I do use it everyday. I keep mine in the fridge and it does a great job at removing my under eye circles, which are genetic, and depuffing my eyes. The other day I had horrible allergies so my eyes were super swollen. I put some of this cream on under my makeup before work and it dramatically reduced the puffiness. I swear I was starting to look like I had marshmallows for eyes.

12. Lip balm
As I mentioned earlier, I always get really chapped lips so I am a fan of any good lip balm. My favorite brands are Chapstick and Blistex but really anything will do. I tend to put it on before I apply lipstick or lipgloss as well just to keep my lips hydrated and help the product go on smoother. My school had an organic food fair/ farmer's market this past week and I picked up a watermelon lip balm there which I am excited to try. :) I love anything watermelon.

13. Victoria's Secret VS Pro Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer
I got this product for practically free after using a Secret Rewards card. The price is around $10. I had never used primer before but now I can't stop! I got it to use under some of my Stila eye colors to bring out the pigment. It does a better job of bringing out the pigment, but it does a really good job at making my shadow last all day.
14. Simple Face Wipes
I love this Bristish? company for their sensitive skin products. I believe they are more natural than other companies out there but I could be misinformed so don't quote me on that. I am the type of girl that will go out late on the weekends and come home to tired to take off my makeup. These wipes come in very handy at those moments when I can just reach in and grab a wipe to remove my makeup. Also they never irritate my skin which is a great plus since I have sensitive skin.

15. Eco Brush Set
I bought this set at Walmart for fairly cheap but I have seen it at Target and Ulta and I'm sure it can be found in other stores as well. This is my go-to brush set. It works well and comes with all the basic brushes: blush brush, shadow brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush/eyelash comber, and one other brush I cannot for the life of me remember right now. I highly recommend it as a starter set. I use it every morning to do my makeup. The brushes are also very easy to clean. Just wash the brush with a bit of soap and leave it tilted downwards to drip dry.

16. Goody Hair Clips
I have a lot of hair (thick and long) so I like having good tools to pull it back with. These two sizes are perfect for pulling my bangs back and just putting my hair halfway up. It also comes with very neutral shades to match anything in my wardrobe.

17. MAC Blush
I will do a more in-depth review of my individual colors, but I just have to share how AMAZING these blushes are. They are one of the best blush buys around as far as ratio of product to price: $20 for one compact or 0.0105 oz/USD. I love all MAC products for how pigmented they are and this fact extends to their blushes. In addition, they have a great range of colors for any skin tone or occasion. I do not think I have stopped wearing mine since they day I brought them.

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